What happens when you start praying boldly and persistently? ______ (Check below for online ordering links)

An extraordinary new book from Moody Publishers.

When you pray “Hallowed be thy name,” big things happen.     The Authors 2

Many of us pray with little heart, little faith, and little expectation. This is not how we were taught to pray.

In Radical Prayer, Manny Mill describes the power that filled his life and ministry when he started praying boldly and persistently for God to be glorified in all things, and he teaches us to do the same.

The book was officially and publicly dedicated during a Koinonia Banquet.

When we pray this way, heaven crashes into earth. We see greater obedience, more love, and powerful salvation. Radical Prayer invites us to see what can happen when we pray as we ought.

“Today’s troubled times require replacing religious and comfortable Christianity with a faith narrative infused by a prayer life that connects heaven to earth. Such a prayer life will ignite a radical faith.”
—Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

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“Radical Prayer”  is available with online ordering.  This book will give you amazing insight into the “power of being bold and persistent” in your prayer life.
 (The proceeds of this book go directly to the Koinonia House National Ministries.)

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Please listen to an exceptional interview: Manny and Barbara Mill are interviewed by Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages) and Chris and Andrea Fabry. Click below.

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